Heavy concrete coating longest subsea pipeline

News January 8, 2018

This pipeline is serving the Ormen Lange gas development in the Norwegian/North Seas. Late 2003, LKAB Minerals, then known as Minelco, signed a contract to deliver 620,000 tonnes of its magnetite to Bredero Shaw.

Prestigious pipe coating project

The contract was a prestigious one, as at that time this was for the world’s longest subsea gas pipeline. Our MagnaDense was used to coat the 42-in section in Norwegian waters. This part accounts for just over half of its 1,200-km total length. We shipped our heavy aggregate to Bredero’s plant at Farsund in southern Norway.

Langeled represented an important breakthrough for LKAB Minerals into the offshore sector.. The team was optimistic this work would lead to further business. And so it did! Today, 2018, we can proudly say we are the world’s leading heavy aggregate supplier to the concrete weight coating industry.

More weight, less volume with MagnaDense

Our customers apply Concrete Weight Coating (CWC), to ensure negative buoyancy, stability, and mechanical protection. LKAB Minerals are proud to be the selected and preferred supplier in numerous projects around the world for both Concrete Weight Coating and ballasting of offshore platforms and wind farms. We are very active and successful in the energy sector.

In addition to its use as an aggregate for high density concrete, our MagnaDense aggregate is also available as loose ballast. Check our movie below for a better understanding of the products and solutions LKAB Minerals offer offshore customers.