Minelco changes name and becomes LKAB Minerals

News July 1, 2013

Bob Boulton, CEO of LKAB Minerals says, “We are immensely proud of the position and market awareness we have created for the Minelco business and brand over the past 24 years. We have changed from a one mineral company to an international multi-mineral company. We expanded with several unique deposits and with strong supply and customer partnerships around the globe. While previously only supplying iron ore products from the LKAB group mines in the north of Sweden, ”

LKAB Group activities

The LKAB corporation gathered all other subsidiaries under the common group brand last year. We are active in:

This shows the width and variation of LKAB’s competencies and operations.

Re-branding industrial minerals division

Lars-Eric Aaro, President and CEO of the LKAB corporation, welcomes LKAB Minerals into the group brand, “Re-branding our industrial minerals division to LKAB Minerals further strengthens LKAB as an attractive international company both for attracting talents and business partners.”

We consider the change of brand a strategically important step. Particularly in fulfilling the growth and development plans it has. Society looks upon the LKAB brand as being a leader in technology, innovation and sustainability. Bob Boulton, CEO of LKAB Minerals continues, “Our strategical focus is on developing business centred around applications we are specialised in. Especially, where we can utilise our mineral and processing expertise to the fullest. Here we deliver added value and offering sustainable mineral solutions to customers worldwide.”

Examples of industries LKAB Minerals supplies include; water treatment, ballasting to off-shore construction, heavy dense concrete, refractory and foundries, constructions, polymers, paints, coatings, alloys and more.

Who is LKAB Minerals?

LKAB Minerals has 360 employees in 13 countries and net sales of 202 MEUR in 2012 in total. This means that the companies in the LKAB group are active in 14 countries with around 4,000 employees and net sales of SEK 26.97 billion in 2012.