Tyre Release Coating

When you use MicaFort Muscovite Mica in tyre moulds, this will enable easy release of the rubber car tyre.

Tyre release coating

Lubrication Performance

MicaFort disperses well in the liquid coating used to spray the internal mould surface and provides a beneficial anti-adherence effect. The lubricity of MicaFort is far superior to other minerals used in this tyre release coating applications.

In our dedicated production facilities, LKAB Minerals have developed MicaFort products with:

These features combined provide the slip and lubrication which is essential for mould release agents they use in the production of rubber tyres.

Prevent production hassles using MicaFort

LKAB Minerals have a complete understanding of the sensitivity of these coatings and can offer customers a consistent Mica product. We provide tight control of the particle sizing of the grades. As a result of this, we strictly control the top cut to prevent nozzle blockages and manufacturing stoppages.

Muscovite grades for tyre release coatings

We manufacture and supply a portfolio of Micas which you can use in this application. Wet ground MicaFort classes provide the best slip and lubricity to tyre release mould coatings.

MicaFort raw materials are selected from global sustainable sources and processed in our European plants.

MicaFort grade selection

Muscovite GradesD50
R9035 (measured by Malvern)

Other MicaFort products are available in our extensive range, or we can customise these to requirements.

Physical properties MicaFort

Specific gravity2.8
Refractory index1.58-1.6
Hardness Mohs’ scale2.5-3.0
pH (ISO 787-9)8-9
Water-soluble matter (ISO 787-3)0.5

Industrial minerals in automotive applications

Besides the use of MicaFor for tyre release coatings, our micas are also used for other automotive application:

Some of these applications as well as other automotive applications, can also use our MagniF or UltraCarb minerals. We have written an extensive article on this topic in which you can read more details.

Would you like to order a sample or have more detailed technical information on this application or the MicaFort product, please contact a member of the sales team via the contact form below.