Product information

Magnesium Oxide from LKAB Minerals can be used in a large variety of applications.

Rubber compounding – Varying grades of magnesium oxide, hydroxide and carbonate are used in the rubber industry in a variety of ways: anti-scorch additives, fillers and curing aids. Packed in low-melt poly-sachets, in bags or cartons to meet individual customer requirements

Plastics manufacture – Packed for convenient use, magnesium oxide is a filler, acid acceptor and thickener. Magnesium hydroxide is a flame retardant and smoke suppressant filler.

Water treatment – Magnesium oxide and hydroxide powders and “Hydromag G” granular. Magnesium hydroxide neutralise acidic water and effluents and can absorb or precipitate dissolved metal impurities.

Animal feed supplements – provide a source of magnesium in animal feeds, mixes and farm animal supplemental products.

Construction – Magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride are the essential components of Sorel cement. Magnesium oxide is used in fast–setting road patching compounds.

Chemicals industry – Magnesium oxides, hydroxides and carbonates are used as a starting point in the production of other magnesium chemicals and for pH control in chemical reactions.

Boiler additives – Magnesium oxide and hydroxide raise the melting point of ash, making it friable and more easily removed.

Glass manufacture – ingredients in speciality glass, fibreglass and frits.

Ceramics – basic ingredients in speciality semiconductors and technical ceramic products.

Fertilisers – Magnesium is used in fertilisers and horticultural products.

Our Pharmaceutical Magnesium Range 

Magnesium OxideLight Ph.Eur./BP
Magnesium OxideHeavy Ph.Eur./BP
Magnesium OxideGranular
Magnesium CarbonateExtra light Ph.Eur./BP
Magnesium CarbonateLight Ph.Eur./BP
Magnesium CarbonateMedium Ph.Eur./BP
Magnesium CarbonateHeavy Ph.Eur./BP
Magnesium HydroxidePowder Ph.Eur./BP
Magnesium HydroxidePaste 28-32%
Magnesium TrisilicatePh.Eur./BP
Magnesium Sulphate7H2O Ph.Eur./BP
Magnesium SulphateDried Ph.Eur./BP
Magnesium StearatePh.Eur./BP
Magnesium ChloridePh.Eur./BP

Our Pure Magnesium Range

  • Magnesium Acetate
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Magnesium Dicitrate
  • Magnesium Formate
  • Magnesium Fumarate
  • Magnesium Gluconate
  • Magnesium Hydroxide
  • Magnesium Lactate
  • Magnesium Nitrate
  • Magnesium Oxalate
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Magnesium Phosphate Tribasic
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Magnesium Tartrate

Our Technical Magnesium Range

Magnesium OxidesUltra | Super | Light | Medium | HeavyManufacturing Rubbers, Plastics & Chemicals
Magnesium CarbonatesExtra Light | Light | Medium | HeavyRequest more information
Magnesium HydroxidesPure | TechnicalFlame Retardants
Magnesium Oxide | HydroxideGranular | Powder (HydroMag G)Water Treatment
Magnesium Oxides | HydroxidesPure | TechnicalOil & Coal Fired Installations | Acid Neutralisation
Magnesium Oxides CementPure | TechnicalGrinding Wheels | Flooring
Magnesium Feed GradesPure | TechnicalAnimal Nutrition
Magnesium Oxide Fused | SinteredPure | TechnicalCeramics
Magnesium SulphateHeptahydrate | Dried | Exsiccated PowderRequest more information
Magnesium ChlorideHexahydrateRequest more information

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