Product information

MagnaDense Standard grades

Our MagnaDense is available in coarse and fine grades as well as mixtures of these grades and complies with the requirements of EN 12620. Top sizes for our dense product range from 0.5mm to 20mm. Each grade has a controlled particle size distribution.  Furthermore, we designed it in such a way that we ensure the heavy, dense natural mineral fits your application.

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MagnaDense packaging

For your convenience, we can deliver MagnaDense in bulk or bags by:

  • Ship
  • Barge
  • Container
  • Train
  • Individual truckload

We are part of the international LKAB Group, LKAB Minerals has 11 different sites worldwide where local knowledge is available. Also, most locations have their own storage facilities and can supply you on time and economically, all year round, the best quality MagnaDense.

Benefits of MagnaDense

Depending on your specific application, you will find that our natural mineral can bring you different advantages, such as:

Experience and applications

The number of applications that can use MagnaDense is still developing. However, in over 30 years, we have supplied our customers with our special magnetite grades in a variety of projects. As a result, we group the applications in:

Mineral information

MagnaDense mineral origin

MagnaDense is manufactured from the natural mineral Magnetite, mined in our own group resources. The LKAB mines are located in Kiruna and Malmberget in the northern part of Sweden.

MagnaDense toxicology

The product is harmless to the environment and non-toxic in all its forms.