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Meat packaging using detectable plastics

23 May , 2019
Very different from the usual events we visit, earlier this month our colleague Stefan Viering visited the IFFA show.
Detectable polymer with MagniF

Plastics Recycling Technology 2019

22 May , 2019
Will you join us in exploring the future of plastics recycling? Hear the latest news on how our Ultra Fine Ground Magnetite (UFGM) can help you with this.

Competitive foundry sand additive alternative

21 November , 2018
Tailor-made for the foundry industry, our new dried Magnetite grades prove to be a competitive alternative to existing sand additives.

Energy storage opportunities with magnetite lie ahead

17 October , 2018
LKAB Minerals BV disclosed the opportunities of heat storage in magnetite at the ESNL Pavilion during the recently held Vakbeurs Energie.
Vakbeurs energi logotype

Vakbeurs Energie

9 October , 2018
Meet our MagnaDense team at the ESNL Paviljoen during the Vakbeurs Energy to let them tell you all about possibilities of using MagnaDense for energy storage.

Magnetite slurry test

2 May , 2018
Can a slurry of magnetite and water be pumped? To find out we did a small scale test at our plant in Moerdijk, Netherlands.
Magnetite sales meeting november 2017

We celebrate a magnetite record!

6 December , 2017
2017 will be an all-time high for LKAB Minerals' magnetite sales to the industrial minerals market.

Magnetite hot topic in Compounding World

21 August , 2015
LKAB Minerals are pleased to present our article polymers in Compounding World, the global magazine for polymer compounders, featuring Magnetite as a functional filler for polymers.