High density concrete

Replacing fine and coarse aggregates in concrete with LKAB Minerals natural aggregate MagnaDense allows you to produce heavy weight concrete with a high density of up to 4.0 t/m3.

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Uses of heavy weight concrete

In many civil engineering situations, for example, when there is a need for stabilisation, ballasting or balancing weight, a heavy concrete mix is the best solution. Fortunately, producing and using concrete with MagnaDense is possible using standard equipment.

Advantages high density MagnaDense concrete

Ultimately, using MagnaDense in your project can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increased density up to 4.0t/m3
  • Reduced risk for thermal cracking
  • Space savings
  • Cost reduction
  • Faster project completion

Natural heavyweight aggregate

MagnaDense is a natural aggregate manufactured from the iron oxide Magnetite. Because of its high specific gravity constructors use MagnaDense as a coarse material to produce heavyweight concrete. As a result, you will get high density concrete that has more weight and your project will require less volume.

High density concrete mix design

When using only MagnaDense as a high density aggregate, concrete with densities up to 4.0 t/m3 is achievable. Mixing MagnaDense into concrete with other aggregates allows you to produce even heavyweight concrete with densities up to 5.0 t/m3.

With the correct mix design, high-density concrete can still achieve good workability. LKAB Minerals offers a blend to be used to produce high density self-compacting concrete. Depending on the application and your required density, you can use one of the several MagnaDense grades LKAB Minerals has available. With over 50 years of experience in heavy concrete applications, we can advise you which grades of heavy aggregate would best fit your particular concrete mix.

Heat retaining concrete that reduces the risk of thermal cracking

MagnaDense acts as a “heat sink” by absorbing heat from its surroundings, storing it and releasing it slowly over a period of time. With MagnaDense used as heavy weight aggregate in concrete, this effect will mean that the heat of hydration produced during curing will be absorbed and the maximum temperature attained within the concrete will be lower than with normal aggregates. The risk of thermal cracking, which is often associated with thick sections, is therefore reduced by incorporating MagnaDense.

Dense concrete in building and constructions

There are many applications that can benefit from high-density concrete containing MagnaDense. We see the use of heavy density concrete in different industries:

Offshore constructions

Civil engineering and construction