Key mineral: Magnetite - LKAB Minerals

Here at LKAB Minerals, we process and trade more than thirty different minerals that go into a wide range of applications. The role of industrial minerals in day-to-day life is not known to all of us, through a series of articles, we will highlight some of the key minerals present in essential products and services.

Magnetite from LKAB Minerals

Magnetite is an essential mineral that contributes to several applications, such as water treatment, heat storage, and radiation shielding. We mine our Magnetite in Kiruna and Malmberget, located in Sweden within the arctic circle.

Denise Roberts, Commercial Director Magnetite & Foundries, comments, “Magnetite has so many great attributes. First of all, it is a natural mineral, chemically inert with a particularly high density. Secondly, it is from a secure, stable source, and finally, LKAB considers sustainability in all aspects of their business.”

MagnaChem and water purification

MagnaChem is an upgraded magnetite product with high iron content. In particular, it has very good chemistry for the water treatment industry, making LKAB a perfect partner in this area.

“You can achieve high-quality water purification with coagulants, filtration, and ballast using specific grades of MagnaChem from LKAB Minerals,” says Denise.

MagnaDense for construction and civil engineering

We manufacture MagnaDense from our Magnetite. The construction industry uses this as an aggregate in the production of high-density concrete. MagnaDense concrete is used in many applications, including radiation shielding, counterweights, bridges, tunnels, and more.  What MagnaDense is and how we source and produce it, is explained in detail in our short ‘What is MagnaDense’ movie.

Denise adds, “MagnaDense is such a great product because it offers increased weight, high radiation shielding characteristics, thermal properties, and much more, making it the preferred material choice for our customers and their projects.”

Magnetite for coal washing

Another essential application for Magnetite is coal washing. Through the washing of coals with Magnetite, manufacturers adhere to strict safety standards, ensuring the coal is clean enough for domestic coal fires.

“Heating in homes is essential, and even though a lot of people no longer have coal fires, some people still rely on this as their main heating source,” Denise comments.

Webinars on MagnaDense

We are hosting a series of webinars in multiple languages. These webinars cover topics such as high-density concrete for radiation shielding, high-density concrete for Civil Engineering, and sustainability. You can find links to our newest webinars in our events section. All webinars can be replayed by signing up via the link mentioned in the articles, even when the webinar has already been live.