Sarca Chamotte

Sarca Chamotte is a rotary calcined chamotte produced from pelletised clay minerals.

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The uses of Sarca Chamotte include the manufacture of mid-alumina fired / monolithic refractory products and foundry products.

Sarca Chamotte

Standard grades

  • 5-8mm (-8+5mm)
  • 3-5mm (-5+3mm)
  • 1-3mm (-3+1mm)
  • 0-1mm (-1mm)
  • 0-250μm (-60#)
  • 0-150μm (-100#)
  • 0-15μm (-200#)

Other grades are available on request, please contact your representative for further information.

Sarca Chamotte packaging

Our rotery calcined chamotte materials are available in 25kg paper sacks, 1000kg bulk bags or as bulk as standard.

The typical properties of Sarca Chamotte are:

Physical properties of Sarca Chamotte

Bulk density [g/m³]
Total moisture [%]
App. Porosity [cm³s²]

Chemical properties of Sarca Chamotte

Al2O3 [%]
SiO2 [%]
Fe2O3 [%]
TiO2 [%]

Sarca Chamotte toxicology

Sarca Chamotte is inert and non-toxic. Click on the link on the right hand side to download the Sarca Chamotte Safety Datasheet.

Downloads on request